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Riding for AIDS Research

Good People:

In less than 2 months, my friend 665321 & his wife will begin a 500 mile bike ride, as part of the Heartland AIDSRide (official info at end).

They have spent a lot, in money, time and effort, to prepare for their participation in this AIDSRide.

They need more pledges to support their goal of raising $2,500 for AIDS research and services.

If you can help financially, go to their AIDSRide web-page, and contribute whatever you can (even $5 will help!):


And, if you could spread this info to any others who might want to help, that would be wonderful.

Thank you so much!

 :} muzer

More info about the Heartland AIDSRide:
This summer, thousands of people will ride their bicycles 500 miles from the Twin Cities to Chicago in a remarkable event called Heartland AIDSRide. New drugs and medical advances mean that more people than ever are living with HIV/AIDS, and the Ride will fund crucial services for these individuals. It's a brave journey of kindness, and an extraordinary way for us to put our own sweat and tears into the fight against AIDS. Net proceeds will benefit AIDS Cycle, Inc., AIDS Events Minnesota, and AIDS Network, funding important AIDS service organizations throughout America's heartland, and offering a second chance at health and hope to those who need it most.

Main Heartland AIDSRide web-page:
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